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Let us share our skin care journey and passion with you.

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Our Story

     In the midst of the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, JeannieA established a new product line that brings hope and strength to counter women’s painstakingly despair in keeping up with their beauty.

Jeannie’s in-depth quest goes far back to her native land, the Philippines, to consider the world class “morena” skin tone of the Filipina. In conjunction with clinical safeguard of skin complexities for positive results, these products bring up personal need to the extreme. After diligent research, Jeannie decided to partner with a prominent skin care manufacturer in the Philippines and secured new PLANT-BASED skin products, designed to prioritize customization for women’s skin needs.

     These derma products were successfully launched in the newly built JeannieA Salon Shop (located in the Philippines), which serves as the main shop for selling the products. The shop accommodates skin, hair, and health spa services that utilizes and promotes these products. In addition, JeannieA has expanded their efforts to welcome a now growing number of permitted outlets to sell the products, which in return, has enabled the brand to give revenue and jobs to individual sellers, small shops, and boutiques that stretch beyond the Philippines and the United States.




      “It is a blessing that God has given me an opportunity to help people through the vast network of reselling." - Jeannie A.

Founder of JeannieA Beauty Clinique

Jeannie Aquino

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